Former Patriot Dan Koppen has a new career in brewing, in East Greenwich


By Jenna Pelletier 
Article Courtesy of: The Providence Journal

EAST GREENWICH — A shiny New England Patriots helmet sits on the back bar at LineSider Brewing. Surprisingly, it’s the only sign in the space of co-owner Dan Koppen’s former success as an offensive lineman in the NFL.

Koppen wore the helmet, with its iconic “Flying Elvis,” on the field at Super Bowl XXXIX, in 2005. These days, however, the former center favors caps and beanies branded with the LineSider logo, to promote the brewery he opened in late November with his business partner, Jeremy Ruff.

LineSider is the first, and currently the only, brewery in East Greenwich. Koppen and Ruff, who both live in the town, brew during the week and then open the facility as a taproom every Friday through Sunday. Rather than focusing on a particular style of beer, they’re striving for variety, making everything from New England IPAs to lagers and stouts.

Koppen says the name of the brewery is not a reference to the offensive line, but to Rhode Island’s state fish, the striped bass, sometimes referred to as a linesider.

“The football connection will draw some people here early on, which is great,” Koppen said. “But in the long run, it’s going to come down to how good the beer is. Luckily, my partner and I are very committed to this and we work pretty hard at it.”